The Making Of Our Showreel

16th October 2020

Since everyone loves a little peek behind the curtain, we thought it would be fun to show you how we put together our showreel.


This showreel had been a long time in the making, and one of the first things we had to do was narrow down the work we wanted to show. Throughout the years there have been so many projects that we are immensely proud of, so picking two projects per specialism was an exciting challenge and one that took us down memory lane.

Once this decision was made, we decided on an order and started working on a storyboard – then it was onto animating!

Let us know if you’d like to see more behind the scenes peeks at our work!


Discover UK

29th September 2020

We’ve been working internally on a new series, giving our designers a chance to flex their creative muscles by creating their own briefs. The first in this series is a UX app concept we’ve called “Discover UK”, designed to encourage British would-be holidaymakers to travel within the UK.

Our objective with this project was inspired by the current travel restraints during the pandemic. We wanted to explore the idea of an app which encouraged British people to holiday within the UK instead of going abroad. We considered who typically might use such an app, and what they would require from it, as well as other reasons that people may not be able to travel abroad (financial, health, family size etc). Additional benefits of the project are to support the local economy, especially small businesses, and to reduce individuals carbon footprint by swapping an international holiday for a domestic one.

As part of our research process, we set out to understand the motivations and behaviours of UK holidaymakers, taking into account the effects of the Covid19 pandemic. We looked at travel reports, current news articles, reviews and carried out informal interviews. Using our gained knowledge, we defined the typical user archetype with a persona to help with the design process. These personas represented the characteristics of someone who might use the app, and provided helpful considerations for us regarding typical problems they might encounter when booking a holiday.

By sorting through and analysing this information, we were able to draw together an idea of what a user would be looking for in an app such as this. The ideation phase consisted of sketching out content and interfaces to get an idea of the user flow, when this was accomplished a useable high-res prototype was created in FIGMA.

We developed the idea that the app would generate random holidays within the UK. This is designed with the user in mind who is looking for inspiration but didn’t have much knowledge of where to go, or didn’t feel confident organising an itinerary for the trip. Filters such as budget, party size and child-friendly were also available for users who wanted more control over the destinations and activities they were shown.

The interface was designed to be clear and easy to use, with nice aesthetics. The target audience would be adults aged between 25-60, who are relatively comfortable with technology. Booking confirmation and information about budget and dates were made as clear as possible to the user.

Keep an eye out for our next project in this series!


16th September 2020

Our brand new showreel is live!

We’ve worked on some fun projects over the years, so thought it was about time we put together a highlight reel. Take a look at some of our favourite marketing campaigns, branding projects, web & packaging designs and animations.

Featuring work for: Thatchers, The National Lottery, Whole Creations and Unite Students.